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Sample Youth Apprentice/High School Co op Program Job Description

Youth Apprentice/High School Co-op Program

Position Summary:
The Youth Apprentice / High School Co-op program is an opportunity for a high school level student to participate in a program that will teach the student various aspects of the construction industry.  Under the direction of a department manager, the student will be responsible for assisting, coordinating or helping on any designated jobs that the department needs completed. The program is intended to give the student practical exposure to the work components and paths to a meaningful career.
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Work with designated employees to complete tasks as assigned
  • Jobs in the Youth Apprentice/Co-op program could range from mechanic shop, fabrication shop, IT, engineering, parts inventory or office support
  • Help the assigned department by supporting the company as a whole
  • Contribute and participate in a team environment

Qualifications and Education Requirements :

  • Students that apply must be at least 16 years old
  • Class focus should correspond with desired placement for career readiness
  • Only students in good standing within their program will be considered
  • Complete all program requirements in a timely basis
  • Attendance and dependability are key to the success of the program
  • Placement will depend on availability of positions and will vary from time to time.
  • Hours may vary depending on student availability
  • Candidates must be enrolled in a school sponsored State Youth Apprenticeship program or a school Co-op program.
  • If applicable, the student will provide a work permit to the company prior to starting
  • All students offered a position must take a pre-employment drug test
  • All parties, including parents, must be involved in the process

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