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Sample Internship Construction Surveyor Job Description

Internship - Construction Surveyor

The Construction Surveyor Intern will work closely with the CAD/Survey Technician and Lead Surveyor and Civil Designer to obtain on-the-job experience assisting with staking and layout needs. The intern will also learn about providing documentation for full cycle construction work and aid in mathematical calculations related to construction surveying.

 Job Responsibilities:

  • Computations related to the project
  • Maintaining surveying equipment and survey vehicle inventory
  • Downloading and uploading project files in multiple devices

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

The Construction Surveyor Intern requires working knowledge of proper uses of equipment, hand tools, instruments, materials and supplies used in highway and heavy construction. They must be able to work in a safe manner to minimize the risk of injury, property damage or loss of life.

 Knowledge of construction related survey mathematical calculation and staking plans such as erosion control, utilities, grading, storm drainage, commercial and residential construction is a plus. Excellent record keeping skills and being able to communicate effectively is a must for this position.

Knowledge of or willingness to learn the following:

  • Robotic total stations and GPS setup and use
  • Knowledge of data collection software including Trimble, Carlson and Top-Con
  • Must be a problem solver in regards to fieldwork for construction layout
  • Ability and willingness to communicate, follow instructions and transmit written and oral instructions
  • Detail oriented, with a strong demand on dependability and consistency

Physical Demands:

  • Regularly works near moving machinery/tools which requires good manual dexterity and multi-limb coordination, must be able to move quickly and have excellent stamina
  • Must be able to lift, push, pull or carry objects (up to 50 lbs.), use legs, hips, shoulders, abdominal and lower back muscles to provide support over time without fatigue
  • Must be able to stand and/or walk for long periods of time

Required Items:

  • Student in an Associates or Bachelor's degree program
  • Must have a driving record that meets the company's requirements
  • Proficient math skills are required

Job Type: Full-time Temporary

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