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Sample Trainee Mechanic Construction Equipment/Autos/Trucks Job Description

Trainee Mechanic - Construction Equipment/Autos/Trucks

Position summary:
Under the direction of the Shop Foreman and other mechanics, learn to maintains equipment operation by completing inspections and preventive maintenance requirements; correcting vehicle deficiencies; making adjustments and alignments; keeping records.
Role and Responsibilities:  Duties to be taught on the job

  • Determines vehicle condition by conducting inspections and diagnostic tests; identifying worn and damaged parts
  • Keeps equipment available for use by completing preventive maintenance schedules; installing component and part upgrades; controlling corrosion; completing winterization procedures
  • Corrects vehicle deficiencies by removing, repairing, adjusting, overhauling, assembling, disassembling, and replacing major assemblies, sub-assemblies, components, parts, or systems, such as, power and drive trains, electrical, air conditioning, fuel, emission, brake, steering, hydraulics; completes machine shop operations; making adjustments and alignments including bearing loads, gear tooth contact, valve mechanisms, governors, oil systems, control linkages, clutches, and traction units
  • Verifies vehicle performance by conducting test drives; adjusting controls and systems
  • Complies with federal and state vehicle requirements by testing engine, safety, and combustion control standards
  • Maintains vehicle appearance by cleaning, washing, and painting
  • Maintains vehicle records by annotating services and repairs
  • Keeps shop equipment operating by following operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining supplies; performing preventive maintenance; calling for repairs
  • Contains costs by using warranty; evaluating service and parts options
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading technical and regulation publications
  • Enhances maintenance department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments
  • Performs other related duties as required and assigned

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • Valid Driver's License that meets requirements
  • Some awareness or experience around mechanic appications on vehicles

  • Preferred Skills:
  • Strong technical understanding, attention to detail, and thoroughness
  • Prior experience documenting repairs

    Physical Requirements:

The mental and physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an individual to successfully perform the essential functions of this position.

Task Critical Frequency Intensity Comments
Climbing A 2 2 Going up and down ladders, stairs, and ramps.
Using of feet and legs, and/or hands and arms.  Body agility is emphasized
Balancing A 2 1 Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, or crouching on narrow, slippery, or erratically moving surfaces
Stooping A 2 1 Bending body downward and forward by bending at the waist.  This task is important if it occurs a considerable degree and requires full use of the lower extremities and back muscles
Kneeling A 2 1 Bending legs at knee to come to a rest on knee or knees
Crouching A 2 1 Bending the body downward and forward by bending leg and spine
Crawling B 1 1 Moving about on hands and knees or hands and feet
Pulling/Pushing A 2 3 Using upper arms and shoulders to exert force in order to draw, drag, or tug objects in a sustained motion.
Lifting A 3 3 Raising objects from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position to position.  This factor is important if it occurs to a considerable degree and requires the substantial use of the upper arms, shoulders, and back.
Fingering A 4 1 Picking, pinching, typing, keyboarding, or otherwise working primarily with fingers rather then whole hand or arms as in handling
Grasping A 4 2 Applying pressure to an object with the fingers and palms
Feeling A 4 1 Perceiving attributes of objects, such as size, shape, temperature, or texture by touching with skin, particularly that of fingertips.
Reaching A 3 2 Raising arms from a lower to a higher position all planes and directions, to conduct task.  This factor is important if it occurs to a considerable degree and requires the substantial use of the upper arms, shoulders, and back muscles.
Standing A 3 1 To support one self on the feet in an erect position
Walking A 3 1 To move along on foot: advance by steps.
Handling A 4 2 Using of hands to grasp, lift and use tools and material
Sitting A 2 1 To rest on the buttocks or haunches, while using upper extremities.

Critical  How important is the item to completion of assigned responsibilities
A = essential to the job                required, but not essential                  not required
Frequency  How often does the job require the employee to demonstrate the task
1 = less then 10% of time            2 = from 11 25 % of time                   3 = from 26 50 % of time
4 = from 51 75 % of time            5 = from 75 100 % of time              
Intensity  Lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling of weight to the completion of assigned responsibilities 
1 = less then 10 lbs.             2 = from 10 24 lbs.                   3 = from 25 49 lbs.      
4 = from 50 74 lbs.               5 = from 74 99 lbs.                   6 = from 100 lbs. and up

Environmental Requirements:

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an individual encounters while performing the essential functions of this position.

  • Work in a dirty and dusty environment
  • Be able to walk and/or stand for extended time (up to an entire day's shift)
  • Be able to comprehend, understand and follow policies, procedures and safety requirements
  • Have the ability to hear and see to the level of accomplishment for above requirements

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